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Q: What time is your Sunday worship service?

A: 10:30 AM.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 1005 Hillside Ct., Inverness, FL  34450

Q. How may I get in contact with Redeemer?

A: Office Phone (352) 726-0077


Q: Is there a nursery open during the service?

A: Yes (see below).

Q: How do people dress?

A: Most people who attend Redeemer come in casual dress.

Q. How should I view Sunday morning worship?

Worship is assigning worth and value to something or someone. When we gather for worship on Sunday, we come together to assign ultimate worth to God. In doing so we are at the same time saying that of all things to assign worth to, God is most worthy and has the greatest value. Assigning greater worth to humans is called Humanism. Assigning greater worth to our experience is called Existentialism. Assigning greater worth to the world, nature, or science is called Naturalism. Assigning greater worth to ourselves and our opinions is called Relativism. All of these things can be distilled to this one thought: If we are not honoring God then we are in some way honoring ourselves.


Since we want to declare God the most worthy of honor, when we leave worship on a Sunday morning there is one question we want to answer in the positive above all other questions, and that is, is our heavenly Father rejoicing over what was said and done during that time of worship? We should make answering this question in the affirmative our primary objective and the source of our satisfaction. Too often we approach worship looking first for how we will be ministered to, or spiritually fed, entertained, or helped in some way. It is not that spiritual nourishment is not important, but if that is why we are coming to church/worship then we have missed the point of church/worship. We must ask, during that time of worship on Sunday what do we value most? What is the main reason we are here? Is the greatest value found in how we will benefit or is it in God himself; his presence and honor? What you are giving ultimate honor, worth, and value in your life is what you are worshipping in your life. When we gather to worship we want that "ultimate" to be God.

Q: What is your style of worship?

A: We have live music and sing a variety of hymns and contemporary songs. We include congregational participation in readings and prayer. Each week there is a message based on a passage from the Bible that will be about 45 minutes in length.

Q: What is there for my children?

A: We have a nursery for infants through age 5 that opens about 10 minutes before the 10:30 AM service. During the sermon children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are dismissed for Children's Church where they will participate in an age-appropriate Bible lesson and activities.

Q: May I keep my children with me during the worship service?

A: Yes. If parents desire to have their children in worship we welcome that. For children who are too old for Children's Church, we have an activity sheet available at the information desk to help them follow the sermon and participate in worship.

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